Produzione Polenta

Al. Ca. Food, the leading company in the polenta B2B market, uses only selected ingredients to make its products. He realizes them in his factory near Solesino, using innovative machinery and production systems which ensure the perfection of execution, as well as guaranteeing a reliable and punctual delivery service.

Corn is a naturally gluten-free cereal. This is why it is suitable for all those who suffer from celiac disease or who choose a gluten-free diet.
Corn starches are highly digestible and rapidly absorbed: once cooked, they are digested by the enzymes of our intestine and pass into the blood in the form of glucose, giving a sense of satiety.

Polenta Buffet

Polenta Buffet

FINGER-FOOD?Ready to roast, easy to top. Castello upgrades the packaging of its polenta … here it is the new Polenta Buffet. With a practical tubular packaging, Polenta Buffet is not...

04 Feb 2019