Al.Ca. Food is a solid Italian highly specialized in the production of polenta already cooked and ready to eat, as available in yellow or white, plain or flavored, and in different formats.

The company which over the years has managed to expand its product offering, acquiring references are always new and paying attention is the appeal of the recipes, and also the conditions of storage and packaging of the products.

After entry in the list of the oldest structures in the industry, Al.Ca. Food has grown to the point of becoming the leader in domestic and foreign markets with a range of delicious long-keeping, designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


To guarantee a high quality standard, in establishments Al.Ca. Food shall be used only advanced machinery and sophisticated equipment such as metal detectors, tools for weight control in line, gas and pH.

To offer products and services of first choice is also paid special attention to every single production process, starting from the acquisition of raw materials and coming up to the storage of the finished product.

A complex sequence of steps to be carried out according to pre-determined processes, which allows the company to provide excellent solutions and customers to enjoy tasty treats, but also quick and easy to prepare.


Experience qualified personnel Al.Ca. Food in more than 40 years of activity and the use of automated machinery of last generation, allowing the structure to achieve a quantity of 250 q. of polenta a day, equal to about 70% of the production capacity of the company.

The real strength of this great Italian reality lies in the fact that he always tried to pay attention to what concerns factors organoleptic and nutritional determinants, such as the selection of the best flour and other components such as water, defining how cooking more efficient, the dynamics of the packaging, allergens and GMOs.

The key objective is to offer our clients a flawless range of products is constantly subjected to strict controls and frequent, aimed at ensuring the highest quality over time.