At Castello’s home comes ready fried polenta, even tastier and more enjoyable than traditional polenta. The breading in corn seed oil makes it golden to look and crisp on the palate, in other words irresistible.

The service content of this new line of ready-made products is nothing short of remarkable. The industrial capabilities of AL.CA. FOOD have canceled all the usual processes for its preparation at home, arriving at only 4/5 minutes of heating in the pan or oven.

The cubed cut makes this product extremely versatile. It can be eaten naturally, as a snack, or it can be served as an accompaniment of meat, fish, vegetables giving free rein to the imagination: a puff of melted cheese, a thyme rain or a spoonful of tomato sauce can only increase its scenographic rendering.

The format with sticks instead is ideal for an appetizer or a buffet. Accompanied with a sauce with an exotic flavor, such as the barbecue sauce, ready fried polenta transforms a moment in itself hedonistic like that of the aperitif in a pleasant ritual.